What the Politicians and Celebrities think:

‘As a local councillor and cabinet member with responsibilities for Planning I was fortunate in seeing a specific scheme evolve in the ward I represent. I see this scheme formulated by J. T. Consultancy is a fairer way of getting local residents on the housing ownership ladder and endorse the company’s endeavours to meeting housing needs.’
Cllr Paul Castleman, Luton Borough Council

‘After viewing the development at 5-7 London Road upon completion, I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the work that had been done. Such attention to detail is something that I rarely see and which more than exceeds the requirements of a conservation area. What was also pleasing to know was the innovative rent to buy scheme, which is completely different to any other including the Governments own scheme, where rent is no longer ‘dead money’ but accumulates to become a deposit. In my role as Chair of planning on Luton Borough Council, I would encourage developers and potential developers, to see this scheme as a blueprint for future development in the town.’
Cllr Dave Taylor, Chair of Planning, Luton Borough Council

‘The two characteristics of the developments carried out by this unique company that make it particularly attractive to local politicians is that at a stroke it delivers two key objectives. Firstly its method of construction helps train the next generation of construction workers and secondly it delivers a route to home ownership to our young people. What’s not to like!’
Simon Letts, Former Leader, Southampton City Council

‘The legal process involved in entering into a JT Consultancy rent to buy contract seeks to achieve the earliest practicable moving in date.’
Taylor Walton LLP

‘I think the new housing initiative introduced by JT Consultancy is truly revolutionary, and offers a real, and practical solution for millions of people trying to buy their own home, who have little or no chance with the existing system. Also wrapped up into the scheme is an innovative way to retrain people with new skills in a practical solution to the skills shortage, and providing worthwhile jobs, and addressing the housing shortage, a simple yet remarkable scheme!’
Tommy Walsh, TV personality, presenter and celebrity builder