In AquaCity we are determined to protect the environment. Our goal is to minimise the impact of this important tourist resort on the beautiful natural environment.


Using geothermal water and solar energy to heat and power the resort, AquaCity is virtually self-powered, saving around 27 tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere each day. The centre is successfully reducing energy costs and the savings are returned to customers in the form of affordable ecological luxury.


Heat energy is drawn off the geothermal water, found in vast subterranean lakes beneath the foothills of the High Tatras Mountains in Podtatranská kotlina. Once the heat energy is drawn off, using heat exchangers, the water is cooled and returned back to nature, so the natural process can begin all over again.


AquaCity is located in the sunny north east of Slovakia. In the glass facade of the Blue Sapphire Pool Centre the sun’s energy is stored and converted by photo-cells, to provide additional green energy for the resort.

The Green Globe

AquaCity is the first organisation in Central Europe, which was certified by Green Globe. It is one of the highest standards and most prestigious standings an organisation can adopt for sustainable development in tourism. This certificate guarantees that AquaCity keeps the highest standards in the environment, but also supports the local community and economy.
The Green Globe certificate was awarded to AquaCity on 8th November 2005 in Café Royal, Piccadilly Circus London.


By using natural energy sources, instead of burning coal or gas, AquaCity is saving millions of Euros in running costs each year. Cost savings that are returned to the customer through great value facilities, which would be prohibitively expensive for a similar sized resort burning coal or gas.


We are talking about ecology, we train staff, we improve processes with a single aim –promoting broader awareness the issues, in such a way that the behaviour of our people affects more and more people. We want to show that with a little will it is possible. We build our brand with this objective in an environment where it is not easy. Help us, help yourself.

Green Apple Award

Green Apple is an international organisation/campaign that evaluates, via The Green Organisation, and seeks the greenest companies, cities, communities and countries. “It is great that the Green Apple Awards appreciates good ideas that preserves the planet and supports those ideas for the benefit of everyone. Therefore, we are excited to be the winner and also promote Slovakia, Poprad and the Tatry region worldwide “explains Jan Telensky, majority owner of AquaCity.



The World Travel Awards (WTA) are staged annually in front of the most influential global and local organisations in the field of tourism. The importance of the WTA awards is mainly the fact that the voters are experts in the tourism industry from around the world. AquaCity Poprad was nominated in three categories-best place for a family vacation, best spa centre and Best Leading Green Resort. More than 200,000 professionals from 190 countries voted for AquaCity Poprad and it became a winner of the international competition World Travel Awards in category “World’s Leading Green Resort“ in 2007 and in 2008 Best Leading Green Resort.

Hotel of the Year – The Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Slovak Republic appraised AquaCity Seasons***Hotel, in the 3-star category, as Hotel of the year in Slovakia for its quality of service.

TREND magazine’s Top Restaurants and Hotels – the reviews of independent hotel assessors resulted in the Hotels of AquaCity Poprad being ranked among the top hotels in Slovakia.