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JT Consultancy

An industry leader and market innovator for nearly a quarter of a century, JTC has spearheaded ground-breaking market initiatives in property development, learning technologies and ecological tourism, to name but a few.

The company makes a difference to people’s lives in many ways, and always for the better. Its Rent to Buy scheme has been lauded by National and Local Government. In a landscape of escalating property prices where ‘first home affordability’ is for many an insurmountable obstacle, JTC has pioneered a win-win solution to help people take that first step on to the property ladder.

There has been much press coverage in recent years regarding the skills shortage in the construction industry generally and the key trades; plumbing, electrics, renewable and gas engineering in particular. JTC was the first to pioneer award winning learning technologies to address this key shortage in trades skills. Using the same principle as is used to train pilots and even surgeons, JTC created and developed bespoke Virtual Reality environment technology to help train future generations of trades professionals, helping them towards their National Vocational Qualifications in record time.

Ever with an eye to the environmental issues and concerns, JTC helped to create a unique ecological paradise in the heart of Slovakia. Using a combination of geothermal and solar energies this amazing tourist haven, saves a staggering 27 tonnes of CO2 emissions every single day. The environmental savings are immense, as are the financial benefits. These savings go to ensure the resort is sustainable and affordable. Another example of JTC’s ‘win-win’ philosophy in action.

Our corporate ethos is to innovate and improve whenever and wherever we can – we intend to lead the way and pioneer a better future for all.